My Heart is Happy

For several reasons...

One ~ Not only did Mr Hubby come back from New Orleans with a huge "W", he also brought a dozen pink roses for his lady at home... a very happy, yours truly!
Two ~ I woke up to a winter wonderland! Yes, its freezing, yes, I had to shovel my car out of the driveway {with a broom, note to self: buy a snow shovel}, but I can't deny the beauty of mother nature.
Plus I got to wear my furry snow boots:
Three ~ Jessica Simpson booties. Sure, she isn't the greatest singer in the world, but who doesn't love this lady's shoes?
They are cute, actually comfortable, and were found on sale at Nordstrom rack! Check, check, check!

 Four ~ Celebrating this sweet girl at the Cancer Free Kids annual dinner.
Our niece Molly, is a two year cancer survivor, and the most determined little girl I know! 
 Isn't she just the cutest?!
 Five, and finally ~ This post on instagram:
Self explanitory!

Temps are Dropping

The meteorologists have advised us to enjoy these last few days, because the infamous "Polar Vortex" is upon us once again.

Highs in the 60's are quickly being replaced by numbers that lie somewhere in the 30's. {I'm cold just thinking about it.} 

But at least I'll make use of the thermal long sleeve I just purchased from my favorite spot, Evereve.
The color is bright, which I love. Just because the days are getting dreary, doesn't mean our wardrobe needs to.
I added this scarf, from the same store, to dress it up a bit.
Thumb holes.. always a plus!
For a casual day, what's better than leggings and Uggs? It's the perfect ensemble for running errands on a winter day.
Bring it on Polar Vortex, I'm ready for you!

Top available here.
Scarf available here.
Lululemon leggings.
Ugg boots.

Black on Black

I like to think I'm a color girl. I love pops of roygbiv just as much as the next {maybe more, especially when sparkles are involved}, but every now then, on a cold and dreary fall day, you just need a little black on black.
Sam Edelman pumps, Nordstrom leggings, Kendra Scott necklace, Evereve top

Comfy, cozy, and perfect for seeing Jess, my first Cinci friend, in a Halloween dance show..
It was a freak-show, carni theme~she was the "strongest ma'am"... so good!

Happy Monday!

Playing with Fire{arms}

This week, we had a charity event at a shooting range. It was for our friends non profit,  The Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation, which raises money for kids in need, in Cincinnati.

Now let me start by telling you about me and guns... I had never even seen a real gun until I was 25 and went trap shooting with Mike. I hit the first of 25 clay birds, but missed the last 24 in a row, and haven't picked up a gun since.
Don't let the smile deceive you... I was so ready to hand that gun back!

Fast forward five years, and I find myself at Seraphim Ranch, in a charity shoot off, with not only shotguns, but handguns, and a fancy machine gun, worth $30k. Apparently shooting it was a "once in a lifetime opportunity". 

So I thought, 'why not?' Go big or go home...
Adrenaline was pumping! 

I did my best to channel my inner Jack Bauer
...but I would be lying if I said I wasn't shaking the entire time.

Next we moved over to the skeet shooting, holding a shotgun was nothing after that!

Here's my hubby, he was a natural! And had so much fun... I think we've discovered his new favorite hobby!
This was our view from the stand, the rolling hills and fall leaves were gorgeous!
We stopped to pose for a quick pic, between rounds:
 My team, the wives didn't win, but did pretty well for beginners!
Overall it was so much fun! Plus, we raised a lot of money for their charity. Although, I'm now less afraid of guns, I have a huge respect for them, and am open to learning more about them. 

After all, they do come in pink!
Still a bit scary, but pretty cute, right?

Game Day Style

Every Sunday, in an effort to distract my nerves, I spend time getting ready for football games. I curl my hair, do my make-up, and put together my girly spin on game day attire. Here's what I wore this past weekend:
It perfect football weather, so I wore a vintage Bengals T, over a lace tank, with black jeans, and my orange and black NikeAir's.
Every week, I sport my special gold #2 necklace for my hubby
And since it's breast cancer awareness month, I add pink accessories ~ my favorite Michael Kors watch and an NFL arm band. 
Each wife has their own game day style. Some get dressed up, while others just sport the team's colors, and a few ladies are blinged out in their husbands' jerseys, covered in rhinestones.

For me it depends on what I'm feeling that morning, but getting ready for the game is part of my weekly tradition that fills my time and keeps me calm before kick off.

Which only lasts so long... here is an action shot from yesterday's wild game:
Thankfully we pulled off a "W'!! Who Dey?!

The Power of Girl Power

Life inevitably brings ups and downs, but sometimes, in between, you find yourself stuck in a funk.  Things are going pretty well, but you just feel kind of "blah".

The past few weeks I have teetered between totally stressing out and just feeling kind of, well, blah. I knew what would make me feel better, the same thing that always makes me feel better... girl time! 

But it is hard for me to just call someone and feel like I'm complaining, especially when things aren't that bad. 

Luckily, before I even had to reach out, several friend had called or texted to check in on me. Isn't it nice how those closest to you, just seem to know when you need a little TLC?
And then there's the times when I don't even know that I need support, but a friend checks in, and I can't stop talking about whatever it is, that I didn't know I needed to talk about.

Do you have that group of girls you can just sit and talk with for hours? Isn't it the best? One minute you are laughing so hard you're crying, and the next you're in a deep discussion about life's challenges.

Here are a few pics with my besties, the inspiration behind this post...
Obvi, having friends to share life celebrations is just as important. But they say you find out who your true friends are when life gets tough, and I agree. It's easy to talk about fun exciting topics, but it's the people that aren't afraid to help you navigate life's b.s. crap that turn out to be genuine friends. 

Which makes me happy to be a girl, because I don't know that guys get quite as much emotional support from their friends as we do, and definitely not as openly. 

To be able to freely share emotions, fears, and our wildest dreams, and get guaranteed support, is girl power at it's finest.

I couldn't be more thankful that I've been able to carry such friendships through so many years and multiple cities. Who knows where I would be without the coffee dates, wine nights, phone calls, and even text convos that last so long, my hands begin to ache.

This blog post is dedicated to all the supportive women out there, in my life and in yours. 
Us girls need to stick together because when life is unstable, there is nothing like rock solid friendships to help you keep it together.
Happy Friday... phone a friend! :)

Denim on Denim ~ A Fashion Do?

When the double denim trend started popping up on runways in 2013, I thought, "maybe if I turn my head, look the other way, pretend I don't notice, it would go back to where it came from".. comfortably tucked away with the track suits and leg warmers of the 80's.
Please God, no!

But with every issue of US Weekly, comes a new celeb photo donning the denim on denim fad, and while some fall short, there are a few ensambles that I must admit, are actually pretty darn cool.

But in order to pull of the perfect head to toe denim look, there are a few rules to follow:

1. Mix up the wash and weight of the fabric
2. Don't be afraid to dress up your denim: statement heels or funky accessories are a way to put your own touch on this fad.
3. Find pieces that look lived in. The key to this street style is to appear effortless. You want to be comfortable, casual, and look like you just grabbed two of your most comfy pieces, put them together and Wah laa!
If your denim collection ends at blue jeans, here are a few items to get you started:
After searching my own closet, here is my own double denim look...
 I dressed up my jeans and chambray with patent leather Kate Spade heels, chunky bangles, and one of my favorite scarves for fall.
I also tried playing with my Madewell shirt, and thought it looked cute tied up as well...
One of my favorite things about fashion blogging is putting together outfits I didn't even know I had! 

May the denim on denim trend last another season!