It's All About the Boots

After a busy week, Mike and I had a date night this weekend. We went to one of our favorite wine spots in Hyde Park. Of course, I forgot to take pics at the restaurant so I snapped a selfie when we got home!
As I was getting ready for our night out, I came across a problem most girls have dealt with: A closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear!

Until I came across these babies...
How could I have forgotten? My souvenir cowboy booties from Vegas! They have lace, sequins and bows ~ perfection!

Naturally, my outfit was planned around my boots...
Here's a close up of my necklace.. the one pop of color in my black and tan outfit.
I turned the camera on my hot date, rocking his signature colors.
He makes black and grey look goooood!

The perfect ending to our perfect night? Being greeted by this little lady when we got home:

Happy Monday!

Orange and Black, Nike Style

I'm in love with my new Nike Air's! They have a little retro edge to them, and a bit of a heel due to the thick cushy soul, which not only adds some height but makes them easy to wear!
Aren't they fun? And they match my new Nike long sleeve perfectly.

Side note: Don't you love that so many athletic wear companies have gotten on the "lifestyle" collection bandwagon? Because comfortable does not mean sloppy!
I can't wait to wear them tomorrow for the Bengals game! The orange is a little bright, but all the better for cheering on the Bengals!

Appealing to the Senses

Or at least the most nostalgic one ~ smell!

One of my favorite things about the impending season are the scents that take me straight to the days of cooler temps, colored leaves, and cozy sweaters. It's almost fall!

If you feel the same, might I suggest this amazing candle:
Flannel by White Barn Candle Co. 

It was a gift from one of my besties that came to visit last weekend, and it has been lit ever since! 

The website says it smells of "bergamot, mahogany and a delicate veil of musk". Quite descriptive, but in layman's terms, I say, it smells yummy!
Plus the lid is so cute ~ The leaves are the perfect touch for fall!

Speaking of gifts, I also received two bouquets of flowers last week! What more could a girl ask for?!
 Not only do they smell amazing, the colors are perfect for fall!
 I set these roses from my momma on top of our new little cabinet that I found at home goods!  {that store is way to close to my house}
Finally, if you are like me, lotions and oils are something I take very seriously! Especially with all the climate changes going back and forth between Arizona and Ohio. 

After receiving Coconut Hut Beauty products from a friend a few years ago, I haven't used anything else. The lady that owns the company is out of California, but you can order online and have it quickly shipped right to your door!
I just got these two today!

There are so many scents to choose from - like 600! And she custom makes them as they are ordered. 

The Pink Sugar Type is my favorite, its a little sweet with hints of vanilla. 

Plus it seems to go over well with guys. Not only does my hubby love it, but I've had multiple random guys stop me to tell me that I smell good, including an uber driver a few weeks ago... little strange, but what can I say? This stuff smells amazing!

You can order your own here. But be warned, you will become a life time consumer!

Fall is coming, so I might as well embrace it, and these scents are really helping!

The "Other" NFL News Story

Let me pull at your heart strings for just a moment.

Have you heard of Devon Still?

He's a defensive tackle on our team, the Cincinnati Bengals. His gorgeous 4 year old daughter, Leah, has been battling stage 4 cancer since June.

Here is a photo that he posted on his instagram:
The Bengals have just recently moved him from practice squad to the 53 man roster, which by increasing his salary, will provide more financial support for Leah's medical bills.

In addition, the Bengals have announced that all the proceeds of Devon's jersey will go to childrens' cancer research. A cause that, like so many, touches close to home for my family.
Still's no. 75 jersey has already sold more quickly than any other Bengal player's jersey in history. Ever. Amazing.

Although the media focuses on the more turbulent stories {ahem, Ray Rice}, there should also be something said for what an uplifting community the NFL truly can be. 

I've had a bit of faith restored in humanity after seeing the support for this man and his precious child. 

No matter which city the guys play in, or team the fans root for, this league is a family. Take the New Orleans Saints, the team purchased 100 of Still's Bengals jerseys. 100!

If you are interested in buying a #75 jersey, Bengals fan or not, you can do so here.

I will leave you with a quote I found on Devon's instagram...


Girls night out! I've been long over due for a night out with my Ohio besties, so Mike's first away game seemed like the perfect opportunity!

In order for their visit, we put the final touches on organizing our new house, which included building a dresser that I ordered of Amazon.
I was so excited about the price that I missed the fine print: It arrived in a million pieces and we spent 3 hours putting it together... never again!

We started the night with wine and cheese at the cutest wine bar, Unwind, in Hyde Park.
How awesome is the outside patio?! 
Aren't my friends just gorgeous? Laura is in the pink, Lindsey is in the floral dress, and Becky is wearing blue.

Unwind's decor is perfect for a wine bar! I was taking notes for my future dream house, with a top notch wine cellar...a girl can dream..

Then we headed to a late night dinner at my favorite spot in Cinci, Sotto.
If you ever find yourself in Cincinnati, you must go to Sotto, and if you go to Sotto, you MUST try their ricotta donuts..
They are sinful! We had to stop ourselves from ordering a second serving.

Sunday consisted of a visit to the farmers market, where I bought homemade hummus, whole wheat pasta, and some veggies, but only snapped a photo of these gorgeous flowers:
Then we gathered with a group of girls to watch the first Bengals game of the season!
We won! The whole team played so well, and Mike had 5 field goals!
This is my "regram" from the Bengals post during the game. An action shot of Mike kicking!

It was the perfect weekend to "kick off" {get it? hehe} the football season. One game down, 15 more to go...

Home Goods Makes Me Happy...

...and a little bit crazy...

One of the worst parts about moving {besides the actual move} is finding a place for all the furniture and crap belongings you have stored in your old home.

However, this has now become one of my favorite parts about moving, because we've decided to sell a lot of our old stuff, and buy new furniture!

Since this place is a rental, that we only live in for a portion of the year, we didn't want to spend a ton of money on new furniture.

In our new family room, there is a perfect corner for a recliner.

The only problem, recliner's are meant for comfort... and they tend to look that way!

I've been searching high and low and found one, ONE, that I like. And, of course, it was over $1,000.

Enter Home Goods. I was scanning the aisles when I came across this little gem:
Not quite as cute as the one that costs a grand, but for less than a third of the price, I will take it! 

Now I needed someone to help me. Because in Home Goods, it's one and done.

So, naturally, I decided to recline the chair in the middle of the store, staking my claim, until I could wave down a salesperson. 

And good thing I did... there were a lot of customers eyeing me down!
Then, as if paying for it, and having the sales guys load it into my car wasn't secure enough, I decided the chair wasn't truly mine until I got it into our family room... by myself.

As I was getting it out of my trunk, I quickly realized that this was a terrible idea. It is really heavy!

And, why wouldn't the sky turn grey, as if to downpour any minute?

So, I sequestered my inner Ross, and "pivoted' this bad boy all the way from our detached garage, across the driveway, up the deck, into the back door, where I took a much needed rest.
Until finally making it to this lovely recliner's final resting place, our family room!
 Ta da!!
{I will never do that again!}
So that is how Home Goods made me crazy.

Now here is how it also makes me very, very happy:

Amazing nightstand lamps:
Mini chest for bathroom accessories:

And unnecessary, but extremely cute, wicker stool for the family room:
I swear I must have hit them on restocking day, because I was overwhelmed by all the gorgeous pieces they had! Like this small mirrored dresser...
I have no place to put it, but I can't stop thinking about it, or the incredible price! 

Isn't Home Goods the best? Where else do you shop for furniture and decor? I would love to expand my home shopping horizons!

Apples and Cinnamon

Fall is just around the corner, and although I'm not quite ready, I've recreated a pinterest snack that captures the essence of the impending season.

It's healthy, easy, and most importantly, delicious!

There are just three ingredients:
Cut up the apple, sprinkle cinnamon over it, and dip in a Cinnamon Cream, Laughing Cow, cheese wedge!
I will be enjoying this snack on my back porch, soaking up every last ray of the summer sunshine!